Company Profile

Odi-Power Technologies is a Bhubaneswar, India based Technology Company that is in to product design, services and custom designed projects. The company has high level expertise in cutting edge technologies including embedded software development, real time systems, RFID solutions, GSM, GPS, Zigbee and PLC based factory and building automations,. Odi-Power offers comprehensive engineering solutions based on embedded platform has developed several embedded application for use in areas such as factory and building automations, migration and porting to different hardware and software platforms.

Odi-Power Technologies is an island of innovations, where knowledge meets curiosity, has been setting new branch marks in engineering solutions. Nestled in prime location in the heart of the Bhubaneswar city, Odi-Power believes in empowering nation by technology, creativity and freedom to ensure that technology is fun.

The team members at Odi-Power upgrade their skill set time–to–time in various advanced technology domains to cater the Industry. More than 200 working professionals, professors and teaching faculty from various universities are immensely benefited by Work Shops conducted by Odi-Power Technologies on various advanced domains.


The services offered by Odi-Power Technologies:

  • Embedded R&D Design and Product Design
  • Custom Designed Applications for Automation and Processing
  • Bio metrics and RFID Applications Design
  • Corporate Training & Outsourcing
  • Academic Live Projects and Mini Projects
  • Embedded Systems Design Training
  • Robotics Training
  • Web Designing and hosting
  • Software development & automation
  • ERP Consulting Services
  • Customized IT Services